We are Animaco,

we offer future technologies.

We build our developments up by combining the newest and available technologies and innovating along our whole experts’ team in diverse areas such as software development, programming, electronics, multimedia, virtual and augmented reality, advertising, biomedicine, biotechnology and much more.

We put effort in every each project in order to get the best results. We are Animaco, we are Future Technologies.

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Productos y servicios

Some of Our Technologies


A new way to communicate

We count on a huge amount of holograms for different uses: advertising, entertainment, education, presentations, virtual avatars, etc.

This technology is not only a way to expose a brand, but to be also interactive and able to call potential customers attention for your business or stand. And the most important part: the equipment’s aesthetic and its designs are custom-made for you.

Video restoration

using Artificial Intelligence

We apply artificial intelligence techniques in order to improve antique film material in a sense of resolution, details, fluency, recolouration, stability and tape damages.

And this, along our VFX team, allows us to have an optimum result not only in size aspect, but also in detail improvement which makes the video look contemporary and realistic.

Animaco Biotech

Technology applied to biomedicine

Animaco Biotech is our developments and scientific research department oriented to: biotechnology, biochemistry, nanotechnology, and others.

This allows us to enhance the company since we have the possibility to complement it with other Animaco technologies, so that we can get technological synergy.
Just like other departments in the company, Animaco Biotech is carried out by professionals in this area.


Near Field Communication

This is a technology that applies to transhumanism, which is supposed to use technology in favour of the human body.

We can say that we are at the very beginning of artificial evolution. Since nowadays we can interact through phones, computers, private access controls, cryptocurrency or even get a safe clinical record by using a chip, we keep working to be able to link with more advanced systems soon, taking safety and privacy to an unimaginable level.

And the most important, we custom-made develop

We do not depend on a catalogue; we custom-made develop according to the customer needs applying every technology we count on along our specialized work team.

Animaco in Media

Our Costumers